Digital Signage Solutions: What Are Its Functions To Business

Digital Signage Solutions: What Are Its Functions To Business

Digital signage is dynamically broadcasting process using digital AV content on more than one screen in various locations to distribute info, such as:

  • news
  • wayfinding information
  • alerts
  • emergency messages
  • commercial content

The technology is important because it helps keep citizens, customers, visitors, and travelers informed in real time.

Components of digital signage solutions

There are typical digital signage singapore solutions that are comprised of components, such as:

  1. A CMS (Content Management System) that can be web, software-based and hardware-based.
  2. More content players or some other sources like a DVD or PC player
  3. An (SDN) signage distribution network, such as the dedicated AV cables, an Ethernet network, a common IP network, or in even the internet
  4. Screens and video wall process to combine numerous screens.
  5. AV distribution hardware (such as switches and AV extenders) or software

Digital signage is a very affordable and effective communication medium. Digital signage solutions today offer a wide range of features and endless presentation opportunities, including:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Images
  • HTML
  • Flash animation

Display the same content on several screens or distribute one-of-a-kind content to every individual screen. It is possible to schedule content to vary at regular times or intervals, based on changing audiences or distinct messaging.

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How does this work?

The digital signage setup enables you to split, distribute, run and control AV content for the network multi-screen setup. The procedure is straightforward: remote players or connects locally to as several screens as needed to display the same video messages simultaneously or in any given order. The connections can be established through a cable-based connection through a WAN or LAN connection or an AV extension network with the use of receiver and transmitter devices.

It depends on the solution, the content is manageable locally through a web-based management appliance or a connected laptop. After all required connections are made and the setup is configured, dynamic and static content feeds like:

  • Live video streams
  • TV streams
  • RSS feeds
  • HTML

All these can be seen all over POS, airports, venues, hospitals, and more.

Digital signage media player

You may experience the most advanced and contemporary digital signage system, a robust and user-friendly signage solution that facilitates and democratizes these three elements of digital content:

  1. creation
  2. management
  3. distribution

With the digital signage media player, you are able to perform these tasks:

  1. Display content on up to thousands of screens
  2. Players support the UHD content and are available as a system on Samsung and LG screens, or even on a big screen outdoors
  3. Drag-and-drop interface with balance ease of use for newbies with access to the more powerful and efficient features for experts
  4. Schedule and manage content remotely or locally from an intuitive web Graphic User Interface

All these are sophisticated ways to display your business, as a way of digital marketing strategy.