Playground Supermall – Break From Your Hectic Life

Playground Supermall – Break From Your Hectic Life

Today’s life is a fast list. There is a lot of competition of stress. There is a need for something which can make us at least momentarily happy. The things that can give a break are games, time spent with close ones, a nice walk, etc. Even a game played with your family and friends is perfect for a peaceful time. You can check out the playground supermall karawaci to open to unlimited fun.

What games can you play at the playground supermall?

Playground supermall embodies a wide range of games. It can be anything from using your mental strength or physical strength. You can play with your close ones or even individually.

Bumper cars

As the name suggests, bumper cars are meant for bumping. They are electric cars. The cars are turned on and off remotely by sending signals. This causes havoc, and cars bump into each other. But this is not bad havoc. The bumping of cars leads to a stream of laughter. Bumping cars this way is the safer type of bumping.


Arcade has been loved by many since it came into the market. And why not? It provides you with innumerable options to play from. If you want to go around the ride around the galaxy, play the arcade. If you want to enjoy playing SpongeBob, do it. You can compete with your friends to set the highest scores. You can cheer the ones who are close to beating the highest score. Shooting games are loved by many. You can find the arcade in any playground supermall karawaci.

Playground supermall karawaci

Dance Revolution

Dance Revolution is another game you might want to check. In this game, you are presented with patterns with the music played. You have to time your moves according to the pattern. It means you are standing on the surface, which shows the pattern. You have to move your legs in a way not to miss any pattern. It results in funny dance moves too.

Laser tag

Laser tag is a game of shooting lasers. Not the real lasers. It makes use of infrared rays. The sensors are fitted on your dress. When you shoot the person, sensors register the rays. This gets counted as a hit. It will be a fun game to play with your close ones or even strangers.


Bowling is the game of hitting the target with the ball. You have to roll the ball to knock down the pins at the end of the lane. Generally, ten pins are bottle structures placed at the end of the lane. You have to roll the ball to knock down the pins. The game is of a maximum of 300 points. You can keep a friendly match with your family members. You can even practice the throws individually.